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“Why do I need a 1-on-1 coach?”

I believe that the number one reason that people should get a personal coach to help guide them along their fitness journey is ACCOUNTABILITY. My clients all do a weekly check in where we discuss the current plan and how it’s working and make necessary adjustments based on a variety of factors. Nobody wants to hire a coach and then feel like they’re throwing their hard earned money away because they’re not listening to the coach and making zero progress. Make an investment in the best thing that you can: yourself and your health.

I truly am of the opinion that if I had a personal coach keeping me accountable and educating me on the right ways to do things as far as nutrition is concerned, I could have achieved the results I have now in about 1/10th of the time and I’m not even close to exaggerating when I say that.

When I was going along on my journey, what I would do was use a “macro calculator” to input my variable data and it would spit out my calorie and macronutrient goals and off I would go, starting a new meal plan of restrictive eating. As you already know, I did this over and over again and experienced the same results. I would start off strong and do really well on my new diet before I eventually crashed and burned and fell off the wagon completely, not much better off from where I started from. This was ultra frustrating and started to make me think I just wasn’t meant to be “in good shape” because of some circumstances outside of my control like my family history or my body just not meant to be fit.

The problem with using a macro calculator is it only considers the following data:

When you have a 1-on-1 coach, that coach considers all of the following data:

By hiring a coach, you are saving yourself years upon years of pounding your head against the wall and trying go figure out which path you should be on. Don’t make the same mistake I did - look into hiring a 1-on-1 coach (like me!).

What Does 1-on-1 Coaching Include?

The following is a list of services and items you will receive during your coaching term:

“What am i going to be eating? chicken, rice ,and broccoli? ugh.”

HELL NO! You’re going to be eating food on a regular basis that you absolutely love. My goal with my daily diet is to make lower-calorie/higher-protein versions of the foods I usually cheat with.

Just a sampling of some of the meals you will be enjoying:

“Sounds good, what’s next?”

Around the country, there are personal trainers at chain gyms charging $100 PER HOUR (or more!) for personal training. A vast majority of the people receiving personal training could save a ton of money by just researching a workout plan that fits their fitness level and current schedule. Like I discussed above, the main factor in having a personal trainer, in my opinion, is that ACCOUNTABILITY. Nobody wants to pay a deposit for a $100/hour personal training session and then they don’t show up and the money is wasted. People pay that $100 to ensure that they get their butt into the gym and sweat a little bit.

Myself and many other respected figures in the fitness industry are of the belief that your diet and what you eat are by far the most important thing in terms of how your body looks. The phrase “you are what you eat” really does ring true. When you take your shirt off and look into the mirror, you’re not seeing the result of doing 100 crunches per day in the gym. You are seeing the result of every dietary decision you’ve made pretty much over the course of your life. You cannot out-train a bad diet. If you consume more calories than you burn, you are going to gain weight.

This is why I believe a nutrition coach is even more important than investing your money into a personal trainer. Your body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym.



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